Cat and Small Animal Pet Sitting

I offer a Cat and Small Animal Pet sitting service. I can check on and look after your Cat or Small Animal in the comfort of your own home whilst you are away, whether its one night or 2 weeks or more. This is a more affordable, less stressful alternative to a cattery . Please see the Pet Sitting page for more details.

Home Claw Clipping Service

Are you worried about the length of your pets claws? If your pet finds a trip to the vets stressful or you're not confident to do it yourself, why not have a routine nail clip done in the comfort of your own home by a Registered Veterinary Nurse. Dogs, Cats, Rabbit and Guinea Pigs. £8 then £4 each for any additional pets done at the same time in the same household. Appointment times available weekday evenings and weekend. The owner may be required to hold their pet whilst the procedure is being done. I will be unable to do a claw clip if the pet is uncooperative or becomes aggressive.

Please contact me if you would like my help.

Home Tick Removal Service

Have you found a tick on your Dog or cat and unsure what to do?  If they are not removed properly parts of the tick can remain in the skin and cause infection. I can come around to your home and safely remove the tick for you to cause minimal distress to your little one. Appointment available weekday evenings and weekends.

Dog Walking

I am unable to offer a full Dog walking service at the moment but I will be in the future so keep an eye on this section for future details.

Puppy Cuddle Checks

I offer Puppy Cuddle checks. If you have got a new puppy and are worried about leaving them on their own for a long period of time while you are at work, I can help. I can go around once or twice during the day and check they are ok and put fresh water and food down and refill kongs etc. I can let them out to go to the toilet, give lots of fuss and cuddles and I'm happy do basic training while i'm around. Each visit lasts 15-30 mintues and when they are old enough i'm happy to take them out for a little walk during my visit if you want me to. Spaces are limited and I can only cover Long Eaton and Sawley. Please have a chat with me if you want any further details.

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Availability all year round including Christmas, New year and bank holidays.