Cassie Broughton RVN

Hi, my name is Cassie Broughton. I have worked in Veterinary Practice since 1998 and Qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2001. I was a Senior Nurse at Ark Vets in Long Eaton up until April 2017. I now run my business Broughton Pet Care on a full time basis aswell as being a full time mum to my 2 sons Jack and Archie. I have been offering a pet sitting service to family, friends and clients of Ark vets for over 10 years but this year I decided to turn it into a formal business. I own a young Labrador cross collie called Lottie who loves chasing after tennis balls and cuddles, oh and of course food but that's the Labrador in her. She's very well socialised and gets on well with other dogs.

I am a professional and certified Registered Veterinary Nurse, with 22 years experience in pet care.


  • Registered Qualified Veterinary Nurse
  • MSD Practice Diabetes Adviser
  • Hills Pet Nutrition Adviser


Dogs, Cats, Rabbit, Guinea Pigs, Fish and Birds

Professional care for your pet

I am on the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Veterinary Nurse Register. When I worked in Practice part of my role was to educate and advise owners on providing the best care for their pets aswell as assisting Veterinary Surgeons in the treatment of pets when they were ill. Helping advise owners on the best care for their pets is I feel is still important for me to do eventhough I am currently not working in Practice.

My crazy but gorgeous girl Lottie.

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